How are we different?

The distinctive factors of Otto Walter as leader in behavioral development are summarized as follows:

  • OW is the only training company that owns the most advanced and complete method, the OW Method.
  • It includes intensive, group presence-based workdays in highly interactive groups that make the most of each session.
  • The contents have a practical, simple and realistic focus that OW has also expanded on and developed through its I+D-i process.
  • OW is the only European training company that presents personnel management within a framework of a leader’s 5th basic principal, making the entire leadership perspective much more demanding, current and precise.
  • We are a training company specialized in behavior that has a BANKING Division to guarantee a realistic and concrete focus on the specific needs and challenges that Banks and Savings Banks incur. OW is leader with a long trajectory in this market.
  • Having received the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid Flexible Business Award and the Chamber of Commerce Exemplary Reconciliation Award awarded to the OW Policy means something exceptional among consultants in this market: it means that OW really does do and live what it preaches.

Our four Pillars

The OW Spirit

Value and compatibility with the OW spirit that are encompassed in its values and work style and, moreover, in its quality relations. It promotes a friendly working environment and helps everyone feel more content on the job. Actively promoting a pleasant working environment in the company.

High performance

Professionalism and efficacy, performing well under quality, quantity and time factors. Requesting training and assistance when needed and giving it generously to others at your company when needed. Appreciation for excellence and for fulfilling what others expect of you.

Being a team

Giving value to the rest of the team as a whole. Understanding that it depends on oneself for everything to go well. With this in mind, focus is on giving the team enthusiasm and dedication especially when unpleasant activities must be carried out or team support is needed in areas that are “less appealing”.

Making a commitment

An implication in the OW project that is enjoyable to you. You find the OW project, business model and professional activities motivating and they matter to you. Persistence in what has already been done while improving on it. Enjoying and being glad for achievements and feeling bad for and fighting to move forward that which is not going well.

There is nothing we like more than to give wonderful people the opportunity to form part of the OW team. We give whatever is necessary on our part: solid values, training, hospitality, support, respect, flexibility…and we only expect the OW professionals to rigorously fulfill these four pillars. It depends solely on each person and their commitment to reach and maintain an excellent level of all of these pillars.


A group of senior professionals, led by Paco Muro, started the OW company in 1994 after having been directors and sales representatives at other companies. They developed the bases and structure of the OW method and adapted what resulted from the merger and evolution of the best central European versions, trends and methods of behavioral development to the Latin culture. They chose the Austrian name Otto Walter as the brand name for the method in honor of the Austrian pioneer experts in human behavior such as Konrad Lorenz or Sigmund Freud.

Paco Muro has made OW the best version worldwide of this method that is specifically adapted to the Latin culture where relational and human factors are more relevant than in other, more Anglo-Saxon cultures. The foundation for the OW method includes aspects inspired in various Great Thinkers such as Dale Carnegie, Kaeser, Covey, José Ortega y Gasset or Darwin.

In 2012 Paco Muro brought about a new evolution of the OW Method by integrating new technologies and the possibility of online interaction to it in order to improve the efficacy and power of the OW Method even more. In 2013 he started OW International to give OW a broader spectrum, taking the first step to beginning expansion in Latinoamerica.

Over 40.000 company professionals from all markets have completed an OW Cycle.

Today, OW has offices in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Europe, Mexico, Colombia and Latin America and a total of twelve Top-Senior international consultants. OW has also carried out projects in Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, USA, Poland, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Morocco, Greece and England in addition to those countries where OW offices are located.

Paco Muro has been named one of the best Spanish speaking management experts by Expansión newspaper, the most important economic newspaper in Spain. As author of four international best-sellers he is the top expert worldwide on the OW method. As a customary public speaker he has carried out one of the largest labor-social research studies on managers and collaborators, extending over ten years and often referred to in highly prestigious business schools.

What backs us up:

  • Since 1994 OW has demonstrated clear and renowned leadership in the field of professional behavior development by elaborating conduct for teams of directors and sales forces.
  • OW has more than 400 businesses as clients.
  • There are over 40.000 professionals who have developed with OW.
  • OW is present in all of the Latin European and Latin American axis´ and has offices in five countries: SPAIN, ITALY, PORTUGAL, COLOMBIA AND MEXICO.

Our Values


Even if you have the smallest question, ASK. All of Otto Walter is here to help you.

Flexible professionals

Flexibility in completing tasks and functions and the Otto Walter commitment to continuous education.

We are wonderful people!

We treat everyone in a straightforward, open way.

Commitment to Quality

Our daily goal is to have each and every one of our clients recommend us.

Familial reconciliation

Our priority is professional, familial and personal harmony. We were awarded the Flexible Company Award.

Commitment to support

A commitment to support and train all colleagues needing it is taken on.

We all depend on each other

We share the responsibility of everything working well. It is EVERYBODY´S job.

Clarity and transparency

Upward to downward communication has the same efficacy and productivity as downward to upward communication does.

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